Artifact and Asset Researcher Position

Howard+Revis Design Services, a design firm based in Washington, DC, is looking for an Artifact and Asset Researcher to join the project team working on an expansion of exhibits at the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel, site of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, located in Memphis, Tennessee. This individual would research, document, and arrange for the acquisition (using project funds) of potential objects, props, memorabilia, images, video, and other interpretive assets that could be used in new exhibits. The new exhibits explore the post-1968 social justice and civil rights movements inspired by the civil rights movement led by Dr. King and examine the challenges laid out by Dr. King in his final book, Where do we go from here?

This is a part-time contract lasting approximately 6 months, beginning mid-November 2021, with a possibility to extend. Please submit a resume and cover letter to by Friday, November 5, 2021.

Major responsibilities:

  • Production of surveys, collection guides, or other documentation of possible items to acquire for museum and design team comment.

  • Maintenance of databases tracking source, provenance, object information, cost, and other data about the asset. (H+R can provide database training and software)

  • Coordination with client and team subject matter experts on research needs and topics to investigate.

  • Communication and negotiation with vendors, collectors, institutions, and individuals to arrange for the acquisition of assets by NCRM.

  • Image and exhibit asset license, permission and fee negotiation, including documentation of agreements.

The ideal candidate:

  • Is a creative, curious thinker with established historical research skills.

  • Is abreast of social movements for social justice, human rights, and racial equality since 1968, and is familiar with various activist groups, their philosophies, leaders, and goals.

  • Possesses knowledge of the pre-1968 Civil Rights Movement.

  • Has exceptional organizational skills and contributes to an efficient development process.

  • Will professionally and accurately represent the project and the museum to all parties.

  • Can adapt to a variety of tasks and can move easily between multiple deadlines.

Other requirements:

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in American history, museum studies, public history, political science, anthropology, or similar, plus minimum 1 year workplace experience.

  • Proficiency in Google Workplace apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides) and/or Microsoft Office Suite.

  • This position is largely remote work, but the candidate would need to travel periodically to visit collections, meet with donors, or arrange for transfer of objects to the museum (travel paid by project). Most project meetings will be held virtually.

  • If you are not a US citizen, please indicate visa status.

H+R is committed to equality and justice in our work and practice. We believe diverse experiences and contributions make our work stronger. We welcome candidates of all races, genders, sexual orientations, national origins, religions, and ethnicities.



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