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Give Me Your Children: Voices of the Lodz Ghetto


United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Washington, DC

The fourth in a series of exhibits H+R has completed for the USHMM, Give Me Your Children sheds light on life in the ghetto in the Polish city of Lodz. Historic photos of the children combined with the youngsters’ diary entries and letters vividly describe the disturbing events they witnessed as well as attempts to maintain hope. At two theaters, selections are read aloud by youthful narrators as slow-dissolving images reinforce the emotions expressed. Throughout the exhibit, visitors encounter photos of gaunt children, ration bowls in hand. The final image is a rusty pile of these bowls unearthed from Chelmno, the killing site for these same children.

H+R's most recent project for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, our fifth exhibit for the Museum, opened in April 2018 to commemorate the Museum’s 25th anniversary.

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