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Path to the Presidency


George W. Bush Presidential Center


Dallas, TX

This highly interactive exhibit traces the diverse roads candidates have taken in their pursuit of the White House. Visitors follow the chronology of a campaign, from a candidate's first decision to "throw a hat in the ring," through life on the road and the daily work of campaigning. Exhibits also explore the pivotal races that most impacted the country, tracing our changing (and sometimes un-changing) political system from the nation's first election of George Washington. Through one-of-a-kind historic memorabilia and characterful graphics, candidates and their ideas are vividly brought back to life, while playful infographics help break down the results and statistics. Along the way, visitors are invited to test their handshake strength at a "grip-o-meter," design their own campaign poster, define their platform, deliver a stump speech—and even "vote" on what makes a good president.

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