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Robinson Nature Center


Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks


Howard County, MD

The first of its kind in Howard County, the Robinson Nature Center is dedicated to fostering a commitment to the area's fast-disappearing natural spaces and resources. Focusing on the impact of centuries of human activity on the landscape, the Center's three core exhibits cover the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the cultural heritage of the region and the wealth of wildlife that call this area home. H+R worked closely with building architect GWWO, Inc. to seamlessly integrate exhibits into a LEED Platinum building. A soaring sculptural tree—featuring custom-painted "leaves" by scenic artist Holly Highfill—occupies a two-story-high atrium overlooking the treetops of the same riverside forest the exhibit interprets. The tree anchors exhibits that follow a year of change and growth in the forest, while the circling path takes visitors from canopy to forest floor, and from day to night.

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