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The Elephant Discovery Center opens in Hohenwald, Tennessee

Have you herd? H+R is excited to announce the opening of the Elephant Discovery Center. This multisensory interactive experience provides an up-close encounter with the rescued elephants of The Elephant Sanctuary, a facility that offers retired zoo and circus elephants care, comfort, and the companionship of other elephants. Through immersive media programs featuring the elephants in their home and interactives that explore daily life in the Sanctuary, the exhibit provides visitors a chance to learn about the elephants while still allowing the residents to truly enjoy their retirement. The Discovery Center also features outdoor exhibits. The Elephant Breezeway is an exterior learning space adjacent to the Discovery center featuring colorful graphics and tactile interactives all about elephants in the wild. This exhibit was developed with a special focus on children and elementary experiences.

Learn more about the sanctuary here.



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